How To Forgive A Cheating Boyfriend

Should You Reconcile With Your Boyfriend?

There are few decisions more difficult than deciding whether to dump or keep a cheating boyfriend. Before you can even consider trying to mend the relationship, you should determine if he's a repeat offender or if he just had a moment of weakness. This isn't always easy to determine but here is a pretty reliable litmus test: Was the relationship good until the moment you learned of his infidelity or was the relationship already in trouble? If it's the latter, chances are it's time to bail. He's lost interest and has already moved on in his mind. If you find yourself in this boat with a guy, he'll probably cheat again. However, if there had been no obvious signs of trouble then the relationship may be salvageable.

So if you've decided you want to keep him, there are several things you can do to make the process easier. And if he agrees to them, you know he's also committed to making the relationship work.

1. Accept his apology. Forgiveness is always the first step. But be sure his apology is sincere and he's truly showing remorse.

2. Try to understand his position by being honest with yourself - is there another guy you know who would be difficult to resist if the opportunity presented itself?

3. Forbid him from having any contact whatsoever with the other woman. This should go without saying.

4. Put your relationship on probation for a period of time. He needs to show he's worthy and you have a lot of feelings to resolve like low self-esteem and anger. If you find those to difficult to resolve or he doesn't seem to be trying to be a good boyfriend, you may have to go ahead and cut him loose.

5. Spend more time rediscovering yourself and your friends. It's easy to lose yourself in a relationship and leave friend behind. No man is worth that so you need to re-establish those ties. Both will help mend your heart.

6. Don't hold this over him every time you have a fight. By taking him back, you've signaled to him he's forgiven. Using it as a weapon during spats will convince him he hasn't been.

Only you can decide to forgive and move on. You've invested a lot of time in this relationship - perhaps years - and abandoning it for any reason is difficult. But your first priority is YOU. Protect your heart.

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