I Dreamed My Boyfriend Was Cheating On Me!

What does it mean?

A dream about a cheating boyfriend, significant other, or spouse can indicate a deep fear of being abandoned. It could also be a result of insecurities or issues of trust.

At this point you may be thinking: Yes, but what does that mean? Am I in a bad relationship? Does it mean he's cheating? Does it mean he wants to cheat? In order to answer these questions we first need to look at the fundamental question: What is a dream?

Where do dreams come from?

Dreams are created by our subconscious minds, and therefore reflect the thoughts running through our subconscious minds. While some consider dreams to have clairvoyant properties, scientific experience shows that they are figments of your creative mind. However, it is often the case that what you dream reveals your inner thoughts, desires, and fears.

Your mind is like an iceberg: Most of its mass is unseen and hidden under the surface. The subconscious is said to control up to 95% of your mind's capabilities. It can pick up on details that your conscious mind may overlook, and it tends to remember things you may have consciously forgotten. Like a computer, it can process multiple things at the same time, even while you're busy doing something else. It can make connections that you never considered consciously. Have you ever had an idea just pop into your mind suddenly -- seemingly out of nowhere? That's your subconscious at work

Therefore, it is possible that your dream is reminding you of some sort of connection, or a detail that your subconscious picked up. Maybe you saw a speck of lipstick on his collar but thought nothing of it at the time... But your subconscious caught it and later brought it to your attention as a dream.

Fears and Insecurities

One of the main characteristics of dreaming is that our minds express our inner fear fears and insecurities via dreams. If there is something in your life that causes you fear or distress, it is very likely that you will dream about it at some point in time.

Therefore, dreaming of your boyfriend cheating on you means that you have this concern. If you have low self-esteem, the fear of being abandoned or cheated on is amplified.

At this point you may have to look at your relationship and think about whether or not your boyfriend is doing or saying anything that warrants these doubts in your mind. Does he make you feel unwanted? Is he staring longingly at other women?

If you have any concerns, it may be worth sitting down with your partner and expressing them. If you are not in a position where you can do this, it may be the case that you are not in a healthy trusting relationship, and you may need to break up.

Putting it in perspective

All of this being said, you should keep the perspective that you can never trust any dream to have an exact interpretation. You can't let it drive a major decision because it can always be the case that you just had a silly dream and nothing more. We all have the occasional dream that just don't make any sense. If you had a dream about a purple penguin chewing bubble gum, you wouldn't read too deeply into that would you?

Are you concerned that he may be cheating?

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